November is Package Liquor Store Month

ABL celebrates off-premise alcohol licensees who provide hundreds of thousands of jobs & specialize in selling age-restricted alcohol products

November 1, 2012
For the third consecutive year, American Beverage Licensees (ABL) and its members are celebrating Package Liquor Store Month this November, which recognizes the hard work and societal contributions of off-premise beverage alcohol retailers.  America's independent package stores, which in most cases provide a wide array of beer, wine and spirits products to consumers throughout the country, continue to have a positive impact on their communities by creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, offering unparalleled choice to consumers, and leading the way when it comes to selling beverage alcohol responsibly.

"Off-premise beverage alcohol licensees alone provide the economy with over 465,000 jobs, more than $13 billion in wages and benefits, and $8 billion dollars in direct economic impact," said ABL Executive Director John Bodnovich.  "These are becoming destination jobs for thousands of workers as beverage retailers continue to increase their investment in their employees."

Independent beverage retailers are closer to the consumer than any other segment of the beverage alcohol industry and have the greatest impact when it comes to customer choice, brand develoment and otherwise being the face of the alcohol industry to the American public.  They can be found in cities and towns across the country, and are invested in their not only their businesses, but also their communities and civic life.

"It's a testament to the spirit of local small businesses and the beverage licensees who are fixtures in their communities that we have such a vibrant and diverse beverage alcohol marketplace in America," said Bodnovich.  "Thanks to the 21st amendment and the three-tier system, our industry has a trusted model for providing the products that adult consumers desire, in a responsible manner.  As some of the last remaining independent businesses on Main Street, package stores train their employees to conduct safe and responsible face-to-face sales to adult consumers."

Off-premise beverage alcohol retailers play an important role in coordinated and determined efforts to make sure that alcohol does not reach those who are underage.  By the very nature of being "licensed", beverage licensees are unlike most other merchants who do not specialize in the proper sale of age-restricted products.  It's this unique specialization that underscores their value to their communities beyond an already significant economic impact.   

"We are adults, in the business of selling an adult beverage to other adults," said Roger Leasor, an ABL Board member and Director of Community and Government Relations for Kentucky's Liquor Barn package stores.

In addition to utilizing robust employee training programs to ensure that sales are safe and legal, package liquor store owners also work with law enforcement, the government and their communities to successfully prevent underage access to alcohol.  With nearly 2 out of 3 underage drinkers acquiring beverage alcohol from friends and family, beverage licensees are working to remind adults and parents that their involvement is critical in underage access to alcohol prevention efforts.  

As the holidays approach and package liquor stores prepare for the busiest time of the year, ABL and its nearly 20,000 members encourage shoppers to support their local economy and local small business by stopping in their neighborhood package liquor store for a bottle of their favorite wine, beer or distilled spirits and help celebrate Package Liquor Store Month this November.