Nielsen Off Premise Channel Spirits Data: Strong Growth Trends Accelerate

July 9, 2012
Morgan Stanley
Key takeaways from the spirits scanner data for the 4-week period ended 6/23: (1) Robust spirits growth continues at +13.7% (2-yr avg. of +11.2%), with the momentum accelerating vs. the prior 12-week trend of +7.1% (2-yr avg. of +6.6%). (2) Price/mix of +2.6% was slightly above the prior 12-weeks at +2.0%. (3) Strength in recent innovation (flavor extensions) continues.

Key Industry Trends: Total spirits sales for the 4-week period ended 6/23 were up +13.4% y-o-y (+11.2% on a 2-yr avg. basis), driven by +10.9% volume and +2.6% price/mix. Sales growth this month was well ahead of the 7.1% growth in the prior 12-week period. Category strength in Canadian whiskey (+21.1%), Bourbon (+19.5%), and Vodka (+16.9%) were partially offset by weak growth in domestic whiskey (+1.7%).