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News Archive 2011


5/31/11 Retail Wine Sales Spike in May
5/31/11 California wine grape growers concerned about erratic spring weather
5/29/11 Internet Gives Wine Auctions New Wrinkle
5/27/11 News From TTB
5/27/11 Wine industry aims to attract more Latinos
5/27/11 Distillers cut carbon bill by turning whisky by-products into energy
5/26/11 Scanner Data Review: Little Change From Recent Trends
5/26/11 Distilled Spirits Industry Updates Advertising Guidelines Based on Newly-Released Census Data
5/26/11 Bad weather poses threat to wheat supplies
5/25/11 Conservation Acreage Surpasses Vineyards in South African Winelands
5/25/11 Massachusetts Beverage Business Joins The Beverage Network
5/25/11 Will Coombsville Get an AVA? (Excerpt)


6/30/11 May, 2011 Control State Results
6/30/11 W.J. Deutsch & Sons Forms Joint Venture With Napa Valley Vintner Joseph Carr
6/29/11 Balanced market strengthens wine grape prices
6/28/11 Lighter, greener plastic wine bottles gain favour
6/28/11 E. & J. Gallo Winery Buys Edna Valley Vineyard & Winery
6/28/11 US Wine Drinkers Waking Up to New Countries and Varietals
6/27/11 US: Hispanics and 'Millennials' fuel rise of Moscato, Malbec
6/26/11 French wine consumption drops by three billion bottles
6/24/11 Liquor industry analysts report sales on the rise
6/20/11 Minister slams EU planting liberalisation
6/20/11 Bordeaux wine exports soar in Q1 (Excerpt)
6/16/11 New TTB Web Page Explains American Grape Variety Rules
6/14/11 Off-Premise Wine Sales Increase 3.1 Percent Through May
6/14/11 New Zealand: Wine sales up 11% over the past year
6/13/11 Wine Export Forum Focuses on EU
6/13/11 Italy Passes France In Total Wine Production
6/10/11 News From TTB
6/10/11 Top ten tips for investing in wine
6/7/11 Restaurants expected to add 425,000 jobs this summer
6/6/11 Vinexpo 'will return' to America
6/6/11 Shipwreck Champagne fetches 'record' price
6/1/11 U.S. wine sales rebound


7/28/11 Wine Matches Beer In U.S. Drinkers' Preferences This Year
7/20/11 Why Russia finally decided that beer is alcohol
7/19/11 Bordeaux 2010 report
7/18/11 Loire follows Bordeaux
7/12/11 Off-Premise Wine Sales Increase 5.3 Percent Through June
7/11/11 Spirits: Nielsen Data Analysis: Four Weeks Ended June 25, 2011


8/19/11 Moderate Alcohol Drinking May Cut Alzheimer's Risk
8/19/11 Moscato madness grips U.S. wine industry
8/18/11 Rapid production expansion prepares for 'booming Scotch Whiskey future, Euromonitor
8/18/11 Champagne increases yields by 20% to cope with demand
8/18/11 Moderate wine drinking can fight weight gain
8/18/11 Industry produces jobs amid economic slowdown
8/18/11 Smirnoff retains top ranking in The IWSR's international spirits list
8/18/11 Champagne sets dates for 'extremely early' harvest
8/18/11 Bordeaux 2011: Harvest underway in Bordeaux
8/18/11 Wet summer weather may herald good French wine year
8/1/11 June Control State Results
8/1/11 Domestic Wine Sales Up 9%


9/12/11 U.S. Wine Sales Up 7% Year-to-Date - $25-plus wines and premium boxed wines grow fastest
9/8/11 Off-Premise Wine Sales Increase 2.7 Percent Through August
9/1/11 CDC Study Recognizes Moderate Alcohol Consumption As One of Four Key Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors


10/31/11 Restaurant Performance Index tops 100 for first time in three months
10/27/11 Massachusetts: Mass. Bill Would Raise Cap On Alcoholic Beverage Licenses
10/25/11 Massachusetts: Senate passes bill to allow happy hour in Massachusetts
10/12/11 Veuve Clicquot to release 'fewer vintages'
10/10/11 Off-Premise Wine Sales Increase 3.2 Percent in September
10/6/11 Constellation Purchases Remaining Portion of Iconic Ruffino Wine Business
10/5/11 W.J. Deutsch Signs Five-Year Agreement with Martignetti Companies
10/5/11 Nielsen Data: Strong Spirits Momentum Continues


11/16/11 Massachusetts: Bill would allow more beer and wine sales in Mass.
11/15/11 Massachusetts: House, Senate Approve Casino Bill
11/9/11 Champagne Demand Increases Worldwide, Prices In U.S. To Move Up
11/7/11 Off-Premise Wine Sales Increase 3.1 Percent in October
11/3/11 Massachusetts: Happy Hour Bill Put On Back Burner
11/3/11 Bordeaux reclaims 'claret' name
11/2/11 Climate Change Has Calif. Vintners Rethinking Grapes
11/1/11 US Spirits - Another strong month
11/1/11 Substance in red wine shows promise in first human study
11/1/11 Burgundy 2010 vintage report: 'Classic' whites says Decanter


12/30/11 November, 2011 - Control State Results
12/29/11 Champagne sales are up in the U.S. and consumers shop at a higher price point
12/13/11 Toasting the Bad Economy? Champagne Sales Bubble Up
12/13/11 New Zealand: Wine about to get more expensive as glut runs out
12/12/11 Scott Brown pushes Postal Service reform; beer, wine, centralized delivery
12/12/11 California wine prices predicted to rise
12/6/11 U.S. Restaurant Traffic Will End the Year Flat
12/5/11 U.S. Off-Premise Wine Sales Increase 3.2 Percent in November
12/2/11 2011 harvest boosts Spain
12/1/11 When the Real Thing Isn't
12/1/11 Retailers report strong November sales
12/1/11 Restaurants have Black Friday success
12/1/11 Scotch whisky exports to Asia rising so fast that supplies may run short